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Mr. B's Lab: How To Solder 

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Mr. B's Lab: How To Solder 

Written By: Joseph Bickel 



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This will show you how to solder PCBs. Please check out this video to learn more: 

Step 1 — Get to know your soldering iron. 

• Choose one that is between 20 and 
40 watts. 

• If your working in an area 
that has no 120V outlets, 
use a cordless one. 

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Mr. B's Lab: How To Solder 

Step 2 — Choose a tip for your soldering iron. 

• You should use either a conical tip 
or a chisel tip. 

Step 3 — Now let's begin to solder. 

• Put the iron so that it can heat the 
wire and the pad you're soldering 
to. Then put the solder at the other 
side of the wire. Once you're done, 
the joint should look shiny silver. 
Now you know the basics of 
electronic soldering. 

• Be extremely careful when 
working because the 
soldering iron gets to about 700 


Now you should know the basics of soldering. 

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